Hudson Bay Space Mirror

Basic logic is to turn Hudson Bay into a big ice cube, most likely as an inter-generational project, like those old cathedrals. Should work. Just load up as many icebergs into Hudson Bay as you can. Then construct the Space Mirror.

Figure roughly eight icebergs, or ten or more, can be daisy-chained together into a big circle. The icebergs can then be partly demolished, to create gigantic mini-icebergs, to fill in the center. Once everything freezes over in the winter, fresh water can be added on top.

Would be extra cool if robots can be sent down to the deeper regions of the iceberg to knock off the deep tips, which the pictures and diagrams seem to suggest, towards the center.

Likewise would be super-cool if the tops of the icebergs can be secures with embedded logs and thick thick ropes, to tip over the iceberg. Logic here is the icebergs presumably fall off the glaciers in slabs. So if the slabs can be laid sideways, instead of sticking down a lot, then the iceberg will have less draft. Looks like some icebergs can go down 300 feet or more. This would interfere with getting the icebergs into Hudson Bay, where the entry area looks fairly shallow. In fact the entire Hudson Bay is only around 350 feet deep or so on average. So makes good sense to tip over the icebergs. Figure can link the icebergs together, then pull them together. Which should cause all the icebergs to tip on their sides.

Likewise, can collect fresh water from rivers feeding into Hudson Bay, and deliver the water to the space-mirror ice-cube, during the winter, by either water tanker ship or by pipeline. Shouldn't take long to make the Ice-Cube monstrous. If somehow could make the thickness 10 feet more a year, it wouldn't be long before the Monstrosity was as big as icebergs in Antarctica.

Likewise, can build an iceberg-train sea-wall at the entrance to Hudson Bay to help Hudson Bay gradually become more and more fresh. After many many years, depending on the water turnover of Hudson Bay, the water could become quite fresh. At that point it wouldn't be too expensive to desalinate the regular bay water. So at that point could really go to town building more and more connecting space-mirror ice-cubes.

For the most part figure to put the space mirrors in the middle of the bay. Doesn't look like the currents would be very significant. So there won't be much of an effect on the environment, at least at first. Other than that Hudson Bay looks huge. So think it would take many many years of building space mirrors out of icebergs for the total area to become significant.